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Alisha Mathew Thayil

Alisha is a versatile soprano who performs the Western Classical music. She is trained under the renowned Opera singer, Valerie Danby. Even if she predominantly focuses on Western Classical singing, she has also trained in other genres such as Musical Theater and Contemporary styles. A highly determined vocal health enthusiast as well as a teaching artist who carries her Indian Classical and Folk roots along with her exploration into various genres. Her exposure to various voice work includes working with practitioners such as William Lester, Rebecca Gadsby, Adam Morley, Tamsin Collins, and more. She is also certified as a Vocal Health First Aider by Vocal Health Education and a member of the British Voice Association. 

Latest Releases

Ave Maria | Bach-Gounod | Alisha Mathew Thayil

Ave Maria | Bach-Gounod | Alisha Mathew Thayil

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